How to make 150 a day by typing – How to make money typing online

alright so in this video I am going to show you how you can make hundred fifty dollars a day just by typing online how it works where to go and how to get started so in this video I’m going to show you how to make money by typing at home but before we go into that I want you to invite you to check out my number one strategy to making money online by clicking the link below this video also make sure to subscribe to my channel by clicking the subscribe button below so you don’t miss any of the upcoming methods and strategies to making money online that I will be sharing here in the very near future so if you’re a decent or a good writer in the English language you can actually make very good money online just by working and writing from your home I have done so myself even though I’m not a native English speaker so I know for a fact that this method works very well if you have the time for it this approach to making money online is suitable for those that want to make a nice extra income or if you can write very fast you can make a full time income doing this how does it work well there are several platforms websites online where you can sign up to be a writer looking for writing gigs after you have done a couple of writing jobs and the result is good you will usually be offered more jobs potentially with a higher salary as well so quality work does pay off here and when you register at those websites you will usually be asked to fill in your fields of interest so that you will mainly write about things that you know or impassionate about now this is not always the case but usually it is the jobs can vary from writing blog posts to articles to full ebooks only to name a few so where do you go to get started I’m going to recommend for websites that I know work well for the moment the first one is text broker calm and by the way I will put links to all the platforms that I’m talking about in the video in the description below so you can find them there now text broker is a very popular platform at the moment I would say it is one of the major players when it comes to writing jobs and typing jobs online when you register to become an author here they will ask you to provide a sign up article they will review this article and give it a rating and once you start completing projects they will also follow your progress and give you feedback which is pretty cool so that you actually get better over time but if you’re interested in stalling working with text broker you can go up here you can simply register here it’s free or and here you can read how it works but maybe we should take a look about the payments and the levels of payments so let’s go there all right so let’s take a look at it so this is the levels of payments with this program it depends on your rating how the quality of your work how much you will get paid like you see but let’s say you get a three star rating here just to be moderate okay you will get paid one cent for each word your right which means you right hundred words you get paid one dollars which is pretty good I think so after thousand words which you can write in less than an hour you will get paid ten dollars it’s not that bad actually and when you become better you will get better paid as well so you see here and I think you will get paid yeah yeah you’ll get paid to your PayPal account once you once your balance is greater than ten another site that I can recommend for typing jobs is upward comm I have been using this site for various purposes the last years you can actually do a lot of different things on here as an independent freelancer and they have a lot of typing jobs just sign up here in the upper right corner start looking for available jobs and then apply for those jobs and make sure to make a profile look nice and professional sometimes the people who post writing job ads on here they will ask you questions about your experience and your language knowledge etc which in my opinion is pretty normal they want to make sure you will do a good job for them and once you finish you get paid via PayPal and the more jobs you finish the better rating you will get and you can ask for better payments once your rating is higher go and try up work if you want to become a freelancer and make a lot of typing jobs online another cool side for typing jobs on that I like is writing jobs online writing jobs is probably the highest paying platform for typing jobs and they make fast payments via PayPal checks or wire transfer once your work is approved with this site you can make as much as thirty two hundred twenty dollars per hour which is pretty crazy when you think about it let’s take a look down there so here you can see the levels of payments and what is included with this type of job here you just choose a job you submit your work and you get paid that’s it and here you have the kind of jobs available at the moment and another thing that I like about this website is that you can even use it even if you live outside the US it’s actually available for over 150 plus countries at the moment not bad right and finally there is also of course fiber comm most of the people know fiber by now but perhaps you didn’t know that you can post your typing and writing services as gigs on Fiverr and you can get a lot of jobs here once you get set up and running if this is interesting to you just sign up here and create your typing gig and start attracting customers again the more jobs you complete and the better ratings you get the more jobs and better payments and tips you will get in return that’s it for today my friends now if you want to see how I make a full time income online then I invite you to click the link below this video where you can get access to the very same training I used to create multiple income sources with online if you found this video useful then please hit the like button and also make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the upcoming make money opportunities that I will be posting here very soon thank you for watching and have a great day

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